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The ingredients of numis® med products

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We choose the ingredients for each and every product with special care. Learn more about the ingredients we use in our products, what properties do they have and why do we use them?
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numis® care Complex

Our star ingredient: All our products contain the unique numis® care Complex with moisturising Hydrolactol® and skin-soothing components.


The ingredient panthenol can act in several ways on sensitive and irritated skin, for example by soothing the skin and supporting its regeneration.
ingredient Panthenol
Ingredient Urea


The active ingredient urea is able to absorb water, trap it and slowly release it. In this way, it ensures that the skin is more thoroughly moisturised and regulates its moisture content.


Have you already noticed the first wrinkles on your face? We explain to you why the ingredient hyaluron is the miracle cure in this case!
Ingredient Hyaluron
The moisturizing glycerin


Glycerin is generally known for its moisturizing, nourishing properties and should not be missing as an ingredient in any cream.