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numis® med UREA

Day after day, our skin protects us from external influences. Especially when the skin is extremely dry, the skin needs support.

numis® med UREA – Touches and protects my dry skin

Moisturising care for extremely dry skin

Dry skin is often rough to the touch and tends to feel tight and itchy. If these symptoms sound familiar, then your skin needs a helping hand. Our skin care range numis® med UREA binds and provides intensive moisture.
The symptoms of dry skin such as itching and a feeling of tightness are soothed immediately
and the skin is protected from drying out further.

The highly effective formula is a combination of urea and the numis® care Complex of active ingredients which was developed especially for numis® med. For a long-lasting smooth and supple skin feeling.

Intensive special care with moisturising urea

Effect of numis® med UREA

normal skin
Normal skin
Grafik Aufbau normale Haut

Normal skin has an intact protective barrier. With a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5 and natural moisturising factors which bind in and store moisture. The skin withstands external influences and does not dry out.

Dry skin
Grafik trockene Haut

The skin’s protective barrier is impaired. The skin loses moisture, dries out and tends to feel rough, tight and itchy.

Effect of UREA
Grafik Wirkweise

The formulation with urea and the numis® care Complex binds in moisture, enriches it in the skin and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.
Dry skin is soothed and protected. For smooth, supple skin.

The skin is made up of 3 layers: 1* epidermis; 2* the dermis or corium; subcutaneous fat. In combination with the acid mantle (hydrolipid film), which has a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5, it forms the skin‘s protective barrier.

numis® med UREA – Touches my senses, supports my skin

What happens when the skin dries out?

External influences such as weather and sun, but also factors such as nutrition and age can lead to a disturbed skin protection barrier. The skin lacks
lipids, which means that too much moisture escapes from the skin. This loss cannot be compensated by the natural
moisturising factors.
The skin becomes cracked and dries out into the deeper layers of the skin. Roughness, feelings of tension and itching are the result.

How does numis® med UREA work?

The active ingredient urea is able to absorb water, bind it and slowly release it again. In this way, it ensures that the skin is more thoroughly moisturised and regulates its moisture content. As a natural moisturising factor, urea penetrates deep into the upper layers of the skin and provides intensive, long-lasting moisture. The skin’s protective barrier is strengthened and the skin is protected against dehydration.

Regular use of care products with urea can compensate for this loss of moisture sustainably and effectively.

Products of the numis® med UREA product range


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