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Very sensitive skin

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Very sensitive skin

Very sensitive skin can be prone to irritation. Learn more about the symptoms, causes and proper care.

Signs of very sensitive skin

Very sensitive skin can be reflected in many ways in the skin’s appearance. The skin quickly reacts irritated to external influences. Skin irritations can appear as itching, redness, small palpable papules and/or scaling. Possible consequences are skin diseases such as irritant eczema, perioral dermatitis (erysipelas) and others. Symptoms of very sensitive skin can occur at any age and on different parts of the body. Most frequently, skin irritations occur where the skin is particularly thin (face, flexion regions) and in places with particular stress on the skin (e.g. hands, feet, elbows).

Causes of very sensitive skin

one hand by the disturbed cross-linking of the horny cells of the epidermis (e.g. due to filaggrin mutation), and on the other hand by a disturbance of the protective acid mantle, which is why the skin is no longer resistant enough to ward off harmful microorganisms and to store sufficient water.

The protective acid mantle (hydrolipid film) of our skin surface is essential for an intact barrier function. This consists of the body’s own components such as water, fat-splitting enzymes, horny cells, sebum and sweat and has a slightly acidic average pH value of 5.5. This acidic environment creates the ideal conditions for a balanced skin microbiome, which can thus effectively protect the skin against malabsorption and infections. The acid mantle regulates the water balance of the skin and prevents too much moisture from escaping, and also protects against external influences.

Too frequent bathing or showering, the use of too aggressive cleansing products and/or inappropriate skin care products upset the sensitive pH value of the skin. The acid mantle and thus the skin’s protective barrier are weakened. The skin is now no longer protected from external influences. The skin quickly reacts irritated, tends to redness and irritation.

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Proper care for very sensitive skin

Very sensitive skin needs particularly mild care that does not attack the protective acid mantle. Products with a pH-neutral formula that build up the skin’s protective acid mantle and thus preserve the skin’s microbiome and its natural resistance are suitable for this purpose.

Product recommendations for very sensitive skin