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numis® med pH 5.5

Day after day, our skin protects us from external influences. Especially when the skin is very sensitive, it needs support in this important task. Then the pH 5.5 range will support your skin.

numis® med pH 5.5 – touches and protects my sensitive skin

Mild care for sensitive skin

Day after day, our skin protects us from external influences. Especially when the skin is very sensitive, it needs support in this important task.

Sensitive skin reacts quickly to external influences. Redness and skin irritations are the result. If these symptoms sound familiar, then your skin needs a helping hand.

Our skin care series numis® med pH 5.5 offers pH-balanced care which stabilises the skin’s protective acid mantle (hydrolipid film) and strengthens its resilience. The skin is soothed immediately, can regenerate and is protected from external influences.

The highly effective formula is a combination of panthenol and the numis® care Complex of active ingredients which was developed especially for numis® med. For a long-lasting smooth and supple skin feeling.

numis® med pH 5.5 - the pH-neutral care with panthenol

How numis® med pH 5.5 works

normal skin
Normal skin
Grafik Aufbau normale Haut

Normal skin has an intact protective barrier. With a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5 and natural
moisturising factors which bind in and store moisture. The skin withstands external influences and does not dry out.

Sensitive Skin
Grafik empfindliche Haut

If the sensitive pH value becomes imbalanced, the skin’s acid mantle is weakened. The skin is no longer protected from external influences, it reacts sensitively and becomes prone to irritation.

Effect of ph 5.5 & panthenol
Grafik Wirkweise Panthenol

The pH-balanced formula with panthenol and the numis® care Complex stabilises the skin’s acid mantle and strengthens its natural resistance. Sensitive skin is soothed, regenerated and protected from external influences. For smooth, supple skin.

The skin is made up of 3 layers: 1* epidermis; 2* the dermis or corium; subcutaneous fat. In combination with the acid mantle (hydrolipid film), which has a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5, it forms the skin‘s protective barrier.

numis® med pH 5.5 –touches my senses, supports my skin

What happens when the skin becomes sensitive?

Frequent showering or the use of aggressive cleansing products can unbalance the sensitive pH value of the skin and weaken the acid mantle.
This also impairs the skin’s barrier function. Lack of protection against bacteria and environmental influences are the result. This can lead to over-sensitisation of the nerves. The skin becomes sensitive, reacts irritably and tends to become irritated.

How does numis® med pH 5.5 work?

The pH skin-neutral formula ensures particularly mild cleansing and care. It does not attack the skin’s protective acid mantle, but helps to stabilise it and thus protects the skin microbiome. The skin-soothing panthenol promotes the formation of new skin cells and stimulates the formation of water-binding lipids (fats). It thus supports the regeneration of the skin.

To protect the skin, soothe it and support its regeneration, the use of pH skin-neutral products with panthenol is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Products of the series numis® med pH 5.5


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