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numis® care Complex

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The numis® care Complex

What is the numis® care Complex?

Every numis® med product contains the unique numis® care Complex of active ingredients with moisturising Hydrolactol® and skin-soothing SymCalmin® – specially developed for cleansing and caring for the most diverse types of sensitive skin.

How does numis® care Complex work?

An intact skin protection barrier is important for a healthy skin. Therefore, the skin should be protected from dehydration and intensively cared for.

numis® care Complex combines these two important functions. It is made up of two components:

numis® care Complex

1. Hydrolactol®

Hydrolactol® increases skin hydration by up to 84%. It regulates the skin’s natural pH value and makes the skin feel supple again.
It is composed of the moisturising ingredients urea, sodium lactate, lactic acid, glycerin and sorbitol.
These ingredients are also part of the skin’s protective acid mantle and are therefore already naturally present in the skin. In healthy skin, they ensure that the skin is supplied with sufficient moisture and thus protect it from drying out.

2. SymCalmin® (Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid)

SymCalmin® is the skin-soothing component of the active ingredient complex and was developed on the basis of the active ingredients of oats. Unlike natural oats, SymCalmin® does not contain any ingredients that are suspected of causing allergies. Skin care products containing SymCalmin® are particularly suitable for sensitive skin because the ingredient soothes irritated skin and relieves redness and itching.

(SymCalmin® influences the neurosensory chain reaction at the origin of the itching).

* A brand of Symrise AG.

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